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Always put the customer first, focus on customer needs, and focus on customer needs, so as to truly understand the customer's business and help customers succeed.



         The company (Yangzhou Baijia Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) professional processing all kinds of springs, including pressure spring, tension spring, torsion spring, spring wire forming and various special-shaped springs, metal stamping parts, widely used in toys, auto parts, electrical appliances, education, sports, music, electronic equipment, machinery and hardware, electrical switch line forming crafts etc.. Raw materials are imported from China's formal steel mills or from South Korea and Japan to ensure their quality to meet customer requirements. We have the latest design of advanced equipment abroad. The use of fully automated CNC machine production, from the basic works to the final complex projects are one-time completion. The modern management mode, strict quality management system and perfect customer service service, reputation and quality for the survival of the enterprise, and Valet design of professional and technical personnel, we re credit, keep the contract, to a variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of our customers. We have been adhering to the strict quality management system, each product from design to delivery, quality assurance system throughout, customers buy more than just products, more commitment to product quality. We sincerely hope to make a contribution to the development of your business, help your enterprise to reduce the cost in the use of spring parts, improve your company's product quality and stability and efficiency of assembling a breakthrough, and strive to enterprises with your common development and create brilliant! Welcome calls, letters, people come to consult, guidance, negotiation, looking forward to working with your company as soon as possible! Sustainable management, create outstanding achievements in twenty-first Century!



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1.12 years, adhere to defend the national Electrotechnical Seiko quality, ten million repeat, quality consistent, from mold to material processing, never see finished assembly 176 processes, 68 quality control points

2. we have a professional top designer, we constantly change from innovation to beyond, so that our goods better, more convenient, safer, because your choice makes us more motivated

3.professional and considerate after-sales team, so that you worry free after-sale, we are in the direction of safety and environmental protection, careful for you to create the ultimate modern life intimate service, a strong after-sales team support